Children’s Ministries

The 4 main challenges faced by the Children Ministries department are as follows:

  1. The CM department is understaffed and not equipped to take care of the 350+ children that gather at the church premises.
  2. Children have a short concentration span and need craft as part of their learning aid. A call has been continuously made to the church to kindly donate stationary. Only a few parents have responded and we thank them for that, however we don’t have enough to keep the kids engaged thus resulting in uncontrollable chaos.
  3. There are serious security risks to which our kids are exposed, where parents separate with their kids from the parking lot and not see them through to the children’s church. Kids can go missing, hurt by the hazards as building is not 100% complete… who knows what else could happen when parents do not know the exact whereabouts of their children.
  4. The children’s church is not capacitated to care for toddlers, children less than 4 years old.

To deal with these 4 main challenges above, the CM department is requesting the following:

  1. There will be a roster of all parents to participate in the CM’s program as facilitators and supporting staff. We appeal to all parents to honor this roster and show up to work with the department.
  2. We are still humbly requesting parents to kindly donate stationery packs of wax crayons, scissors, colored paper and Pritt. These are consumables that need replenishing on a regular basis.
  3. Parents should drop off their kids, sign them in. When the service is finished, the kids must be signed-out and collected by parents. Kids who are not accompanied by their guardians to sign them in will unfortunately be sent back to their parents in the main church.
  4. If your kids are less than 4 years old, you have to attend children’s church with them. Kids over 12 should attend the Teen church that is run 2X a month. It is the parents responsibility to ascertain if the teen church is taking place. On days when there is no teen church, the parents are to sit with their children in the main church.
  5. This will promote a culture of togetherness and unified families within the church worship service. It will also eliminate the problem of kids loitering outside or walking to the shopping center during Holy hours.

We pray that these requests are acceptable to you to ensure better care for all our children

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