Building Project

Watch this space for any service requests.


  • The Fundraising team would like to thank you for supporting the Building Project through your financial contributions and prayers.
  • Special offering envelopes are available for our visitors or anyone else who feels moved to contribute and give toward the building project this Sabbath.

The special offering envelopes and commitment forms for pledges are available from the Welcome Desk or the Church Manager’s office. Church Building banking details are in the bulletin and on the church website.

Please only use the following emails:

for Technical queries (RFQ’s, materials, etc)

for Finance queries (Donation proof of payments, etc)



The Old… (under cover)

IMG_6718small     cover

cover1     winter_cover


treessmall      trees2small

Temporary Church Structure

All hands on deck

all_hands1        all_hands2     all_hands3

all_hands1        all_hands2

April 28, 2016: Demolished…

IMG_8932small       300_IMG_8988

April 05, 2016: Clearing…

IMG_9038small       IMG_9049small

June 01, 2016: Layout…


June 22-24, 2016: Trenches and Blasting…

blast1s 20160622_110722s 20160622_110934s img_9627s

img_9626s img_9609s

July 05-15, 2016: Blinding Concrete and Rebar…


Foundation Concrete…

foundation800  20160705_152229s 20160705_151920small 20160705_145136small

July 28, 2016: Support Columns…


August 02-05, 2016: More demolitions…


August 12, 2016: Foundation Brickwork (now that foundation and column concrete has cured)…

20160812_small  20160812_091124small IMG_0362_1

August 15 – 23, 2016: Steel Structure…

20160815_143016       IMG_0319_1   IMG_0317_1

IMG_0352_1 20160817_165758 IMG_0414  IMG_0428


August 23, 2016: Drone Shots (Courtesy Andre Steenkamp)…

thumb_DJI_0021_1024   thumb_DJI_0024_1024

thumb_DJI_0025_1024   thumb_DJI_0031_1024

August 24, 2016:  what a day… time to take a break…

IMG_0456    IMG_0472



September 09, 2016: Roof Mill onsite…

09sept_img_0741s 09sept_img_0748s 09sept_img_0747s 09sept_img_0750s

September 12, 2016: Structure painted and sheets moved to the top…

12sep_img_1808s 12sept_img_1805s 12sep_img_1875s 12sep_img_1911s

September 20, 2016: Painted 99.9%, and Sanctuary roof sheeting is 50% done…

20sept_img_2500s 20sept_img_2501s

September 21, 2016: Sanctuary roof …

img_2550a 21sept_img_2541a

October 04, 2016: Bottom classrooms and foyer floor slabs being poured…

sequence-02-still005sequence-02-still003sequence-02-still006sequence-02-still004 sequence-02-still007 sequence-03-still001 sequence-03-still002

October 12, 2016: Walls going up…

img_2992a img_3008a img_3022a img_3014a

November 18, 2016: Some walls to ceiling height…

img_3478a img_3523a img_3561a

Before and Afters…

img_9607a img_2992a img_3526a

img_9598a img_3008a img_3527a

20160622_110722a img_3014a img_3538a

… 2017

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There are no images in this gallery.


Yes, we are building. In the meantime, don't stop giving... For Church Building Funds ONLY: ABSA Bank, Rivonia Account Name: Sandton SDA Church Account  No: 92 0513 0756 Account Type: I…

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