About Us

Our Vision:

In harmony with the Bible’s revelations, Sandton SDA Church see as the climax of God’s plan: the restoration of all His creation to full harmony with His perfect will and righteousness.

Our Mission:

To call all people to become disciples of Jesus Christ, to proclaim the everlasting gospel embraced in the Three Angels messages – Revelations 14:6-12 and to prepare the world for Christ’s soon returning.

Our Values:

Our values and principles are guided by three pillars which are: honouring God, love and compassion as well as building communities of grace. As disciples and followers of Christ, it is important that Christ is reflected at all times in how we live, what we do and in what we say. In this regard, seeking to have a Christ like character and mind, the Church affirms the following values:

Honouring God
• Be guided by the Holy Spirit at all times.
• Be prayerful at all times.
• Be reverend in the places of worship.
• Be nourished by the Bible.
• Use our spiritual gifts for God’s work.
• Mentor and disciple one another.
• Be stewards of God’s creation through the return of honest tithes, offerings and other acts of stewardship.
• Accountable and transparent management of human, financial and physical gifts of the Church from both leaders and congregates.
• Be on time for God – Time keeping.

Love and Compassion
• Love each other as commanded by God.
• Show humility and respect in the way we speak, dress and worship.
• Be welcoming to all our visitors.
• Be gentle.

Building Communities of Grace
• Embrace our cultural diversity. All cultural practices should be subject to Biblical principles.
• Service to humanity and winning of souls.


Service Times

Saturdays (Sabbath): 09:00am - Divine Service (First Service) 10:30am - Bible Study (Lesson Study) 11:45am - Divine Service (Second Service)

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What We Believe

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